Linde Oxygen Cylinder

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Introducing the Linde Oxygen Cylinder, priced at 18,000 Taka in Bangladesh. Engineered for reliability, this cylinder provides a steady oxygen supply for medical emergencies or home use. Lightweight and durable, it ensures portability and ease of handling. Invest in your health with this essential respiratory solution, trusted by healthcare professionals worldwide.


Linde Oxygen Cylinder Price 18,000/- taka in Bangladesh

Linde Oxygen Cylinder Product Specifications

Linde, a leading industrial gas supplier, offers various oxygen cylinder configurations for medical and industrial applications. Here’s a breakdown of their potential specifications:


  • Medical Oxygen: Designed for medical use, these cylinders contain high-purity oxygen (≥ 99.5%). Typical sizes may vary, but common examples include portable cylinders (around 40 liters).
  • Industrial Oxygen: Used in metal cutting, welding, and other industrial processes, these cylinders hold high-purity oxygen. Sizes can range from large industrial options (5.8m³ to 9.8m³) to smaller, portable cylinders.

Specifications (Details may vary depending on cylinder type and size):

  • Material: High-strength steel for safe containment of compressed gas.
  • Pressure Rating: Varies based on cylinder size and application (medical or industrial).
  • Outlet Valve: Specific type for attaching regulators.
  • Flow Rate: Oxygen delivery rate (liters per minute).
  • Capacity: Volume of oxygen the cylinder holds (liters or cubic meters).
  • Duration: Estimated usage time per filled cylinder (e.g., 10-11 hours for a 40L medical cylinder at 2 L/minute flow rate).

Additional Information:

  • Linde prioritizes safety and adheres to relevant safety standards.
  • Linde offers various supply options like purchasing filled cylinders or renting them.
  • Confirmation on specific sizes, capacities, and pricing require contacting your local Linde branch.

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16 kg


2000 Litters & 1.4 Cubic Meter