Oxygen Cylinder Trolley

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Move oxygen cylinders safely! ৳1,000 Bangladesh Trolley. Sturdy steel design with secure clamp. Easy-roll wheels for hospitals & home use. Shop now for improved oxygen therapy mobility!


Oxygen Cylinder Trolley Price 1,000/- taka in Bangladesh

An oxygen cylinder trolley facilitates the safe and convenient transportation of oxygen cylinders. It’s a crucial tool for healthcare professionals and caregivers in hospitals, clinics, and home settings.


  • Base: This sturdy platform, typically made of steel or another durable material, supports the weight of the cylinder.
  • Upright Post: A vertical column securely attached to the base, providing a stable foundation for the cylinder.
  • Cylinder Clamp: This mechanism securely holds the oxygen cylinder in place, preventing tipping or falling.
  • Wheels: These, usually 2-4 in number, allow for easy mobility. At least one wheel should have a locking mechanism for stability when stationary.

Specifications (may vary by model):

  • Material: Steel, aluminum, or other robust and lightweight materials.
  • Weight Capacity: Designed to hold the weight of standard medical oxygen cylinders (typically 40L to 80L).
  • Adjustable Height (optional): Allows for positioning the cylinder at a comfortable working height.
  • Basket/Shelf (optional): Provides additional storage for regulators, masks, cannulas, and other oxygen therapy accessories.

Additional Considerations:

  • Size: Choose a trolley that accommodates your specific cylinder size and allows for easy maneuvering in tight spaces.
  • Wheel Type: Select wheels appropriate for the intended environment (e.g., smooth-rolling for hospital floors, larger for uneven terrain).
  • Folding Mechanism (optional): This feature can be beneficial for storage and transportation.

Safety Features:

  • Look for trolleys with a secure and reliable cylinder clamping mechanism.
  • Locking wheels are essential for preventing movement when parked.
  • A stable and wide base minimizes the risk of tipping.

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