China Medical Oxygen Cylinder

৳ 8,500.00

China medical oxygen cylinder, it is imported from China. Hence it is called China Oxygen Cylinder. It has no specific management owner in Bangladesh. Various oxygen traders in Bangladesh input these from China and from there various oxygen traders in Bangladesh buy wholesale. And oxygen dealers sell retail cylinders with complete setup and without setup. Islam Oxygen Bangladeshi Oxygen Company. China oxygen cylinder and Islam oxygen cylinder are very close. The only difference is that Islam has a specific management of oxygen. China oxygen cylinder is owned by the merchant from whom you buy it. You can buy China oxygen cylinder for home oxygen use it is an ideal product for home use. It is reasonable and reliable.


China Medical Oxygen Cylinder Price 8,500/- taka in Bangladesh

China Medical Oxygen Cylinders The ideal choice for home oxygen therapy, emergency oxygen medical care and pre-hospital medical oxygen care, we provide China Oxygen Cylinder Home Services in Dhaka. It is an ideal product for the price. Our service is 24 hours and 7 days in Bangladesh, contact us or call to confirm order at best price on BD. “care24bd” delivery expert medical active team, setup oxygen cylinder at your home within 1 hour. China oxygen cylinder price starting from BD 8500 only.

You can rent medical oxygen cylinders from us in Dhaka city and If you have purchased oxygen cylinders from us or you have oxygen cylinders, you can refill oxygen cylinders from us, but this is limited to Dhaka city only.

care24bd is an “Oxygen Cylinder Home Delivery Service Company”. It provides all services of portable and standard size medical oxygen cylinders to your home in Dhaka Bangladesh. We sell, rent and refill medical oxygen cylinders our shop is open 24 hours 7 days. Please call us for confirmation. Our delivery team will deliver all types of medical equipment including oxygen cylinders in Dhaka city within 1 hour maximum. Call directly if you don’t have time to read: +8801795228222

Delivery Options: We offer free home delivery. If you need to transport all medical products including oxygen cylinders, don’t worry we offer free home delivery.

What you get with a full setup of oxygen cylinders:

  1. Medical oxygen cylinder bottle
  2. Flowmeter or oxygen regulator
  3.  Oxygen face mask or nasal cannula
  4. Oxygen cylinder moving trolley
  5. Free Home Delivery in Dhaka City

China Medical Oxygen Cylinder Size, Capacity and Full Details:

  • Height: 3 feet
  • Weight: 14 kg
  • Gas pressure: 1900 to 2000 psi
  • Flow rate: 1 to 15 LPM
  • Original China Medical Oxygen Cylinder
  • 24×7 emergency oxygen service
  • Save your money and time with affordable home delivery with us.

Sell Used China Medical Oxygen Cylinders to us.

When selling used oxygen cylinders, clean the regulator, oxygen cylinder and remove any personal information from it.

Buy oxygen cylinder from our company:

If you want to sell a used oxygen cylinder send a clear picture of your cylinder to our whatsapp number and call to confirm. If you buy from us you will usually get 38% of the purchase price, something can be less or more. We may need to show receipts as proof.

If you buy oxygen cylinders from other companies:

If your oxygen cylinder is purchased from another company, send us a clear picture of your cylinder on WhatsApp and we will give you the price on consideration. Usually get 30% of the original price.


Additional information


3 feet


13 KG


Black and White.


Medium and standard


2000+ liter.